Fortum to install 77 DC fast chargers in Norway

Fortum charge&drive

Fortum, a charging network operator with an empire of over 450 public charging stations in the Nordic nations, has won a grant to deploy charging stations along six transport corridors in Norway. The 1.1-million euro deal calls for 77 DC fast chargers to be installed in 44 different locations.

Fortum will establish charging locations every 50 kilometers, filling in the gaps along Norway’s busiest highway routes to enable smooth EV journeys among the cities of Bergen, Oslo, Trondheim, Kristiansand and Stavanger.

Fortum will be collaborating with several other firms, including Renault and McDonald’s, on the project.

“This brings the Norwegian charging infrastructure into a new phase,” says Jan Haugen Ihle, Fortum’s Country Manager for Norway. “We look forward to providing EV users a much greater freedom and a cure for range anxiety, as we build more charging stations between the largest cities in the country.”



Source: Fortum Charge & Drive


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