Fastned introduces intelligent trip planner for EV drivers


The Dutch charging network operator Fastned has launched a trip planner designed to help EV drivers plan the fastest route to their destination, including fast charging stops. The new navigation tool is available in mobile, tablet and desktop versions.

The app features an algorithm developed specifically for Fastned fast charging stations. It calculates the optimal route based on the range and efficiency of the car, traffic, and the location and charging curve of Fastned stations.

“Fastned is continuously improving the experience of electric driving and charging,” said Michiel Langezaal, CEO of Fastned. “The Fastned trip planner will make electric driving and fast charging at Fastned even easier. And the more you use Fastned, the cheaper it gets. With the Fastned Power price plan you can fast charge throughout the Netherlands for just 19 [euro] cents per kWh.”



Source: Fastned


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