Fast charging stations store energy with Chakratec’s kinetic power booster

The advantages of adding stationary energy storage to fast charging stations are well known. But chemical batteries may not be the only solution.

The Israeli firm Chakratec, established in 2013, manufactures a kinetic energy storage solution based on a flywheel. Chakratec says its “kinetic battery” can provide a virtually limitless number of deep charge cycles over its expected lifetime of 20 years. It’s also more environmentally friendly, as it uses no chemicals.

Chakratec has partnered with French charging solution provider DBT-CEV to combine its energy storage system with DBT’s fast charging stations. The companies say their jointly developed system can triple the power available from the grid.

The power booster is modular, starting at 100 kWp and scalable to multiple MWp.

“Car manufacturers are announcing new EVs, and behind the curtain we are making it possible,” said Alexandre Borgoltz, Sales Director of DBT-CEV. “These new electric versions will only sell if we are able to charge them safely anywhere, without stressing the grid. This collaboration allows chargers to be installed in remote locations where upgrading the grid makes no sense.”

“Chakratec is accepting orders and preparing for deliveries of its power booster with fast EV chargers in 2018,” said Nir Zohar, Chakratec co-founder and VP of Business Development.


Source: Chakratec

  • Jay Donnaway

    I’ve long advocated for providing DCFC using a surge battery, recharging itself at continuous L2 power levels. That enables a residential-grade power drop to service more DCFC sessions per day than any single 50 kW station actually provides. (240V 200A * 0.8 derating = 38.4 kw continuous, 921 kWh per day, or 48 x 30-minute DCFC sessions of 19.2 kWh apiece. That’s more than any CHAdeMO or CCS station needs to provide in real life. Flywheel ‘batteries’ have failed to meet their promise for the last couple of decades, but they may yet succeed.

    • Richard F. Ricardo

      Jay would this setup work for mini Grids?