EXOMO electrifies recreational aviation with electric paramotor

Yet another type of vehicle that’s going electric: the paramotor (a motor worn on a pilot’s back to power a paraglider). EXOMO, a collaboration between French paramotor school Aeronature and aeronautics specialist Aero Composites Saintonge (which made the E-Fan demonstrator for the Airbus Group), has introduced the Integral, a new design for electric paramotors that includes a battery pack and is designed to fit on any paramotor frame.

Electric paragliders powered by EXOMO distinguished themselves at the Electric Paramotor Slalom World Championships in Poland in 2015. These thrusters included a 15 Kw (20 hp) electric motor, a carbon propeller designed for noise reduction and a Li-ion battery that allows one hour of cruise flight.


Source: EXOMO