EVgo lists its 10 most charged cities in the US


Charging network EVgo has released a list of the 10 cities with the highest usage of its DC fast chargers in the country. The company now operates 950 fast chargers in 600 locations around the US.

Unsurprisingly, all but two of the top 10 are in California. According to EVgo, more than 95 percent of the state’s residents have an EVgo fast charger within 35 miles of their home.

EVgo’s chargingest city in the US is San Diego, whose residents log over 6,000 DC fast charging sessions in an average month, followed by Fremont, home to the Tesla factory, and San Francisco. Arlington, Virginia, part of the DC megalopolis, and Atlanta, which is said to boast the country’s worst gridlock, also made the top 10.

Top Cities for EVgo’s DC fast charging

City Average Charge Sessions per Month
1. San Diego, CA 6,073
2. Fremont, CA 3,881
3. San Francisco, CA 2,941
4. San Jose, CA 2,570
5. Cupertino, CA 2,118
6. Berkeley, CA 1,511
7. Los Angeles, CA 1,348
8. Arlington, VA 1,288
9. Atlanta, GA 1,264
10. Daly City, CA 1,114

In the top 10 cities combined, EVgo powers almost 25,000 charging sessions per month. In an average week, EVgo charges up to 711,000 miles and saves 29,000 gallons of gas, according to the company.

“Utilization of EVgo’s chargers is growing everywhere across the nation,” said EVgo VP Terry O’Day. “We’re currently seeing the number of charge sessions rise every month, and look forward to the continued growth of the EV market.”


Source: EVgo


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