EVgo is future-proofing its fast charging sites with the ability to double charging capacity

eVgo Daily City

NRG EVgo has over 350 DC fast chargers in 19 markets – more than four times more than any other public network – as of May 2015. The company also lays claim to the most powerful network of CHAdeMO and CCS chargers in the US. While others are rolling out DC chargers in the 20 kW range, EVgo’s rapidly expanding network has no stations below 44 kW.

“The very near future suggests that anything below 50 kW is not going to be considered fast charging,” Brendan Jones told Charged. After more than 20 years with Nissan, Jones recently moved to a leading role at NRG EVgo.

“The future moves fast, and for EV charging that future is based on speed of delivery,” Jones continued. “EVgo’s vision of fast charging includes laying the groundwork for future chargers to deliver 100 kW. Our stations are designed to adapt to standards as they improve and shift with the rapidly evolving technology of both the charging infrastructure and the needs of the vehicles being charged.”

EVgo believes that, at least initially, the vast majority of EV owners purchase their vehicles for driving in and around a given city. That is why the company has focused on comprehensive metropolitan coverage of fast charging infrastructure. Jones explained that as automakers are planning larger-capacity batteries and longer range – 200 miles and above – EVgo will shift focus to provide a comprehensive intercity charging infrastructure as well, allowing EV drivers to drive nationally with more “range confidence.”


Image courtesy of NRG EVgo

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