EVgo charging stations to provide 100% renewable energy

Charging network operator EVgo has contracted with its energy suppliers to provide 100 percent renewable energy. The company is purchasing Green-e certified wind and solar energy across the US.

Last year, EVgo powered more than 75 million electric miles, according to the company, boasting 88 percent growth from 2017. Light-duty EV fleets and ride-share drivers accounted for a third of the miles delivered by EVgo in 2018. The company plans to double its network capacity by the end of 2020.

Julie Blunden, Executive VP for Business Development, said, “At EVgo we understand that our customers value all the ways EVs deliver a delightful driving experience, from better acceleration to eliminating tailpipe emissions. EVgo is the national leader in customer satisfaction and we plan to extend that lead with 100 percent renewable energy powering every mile charged on our convenient and reliable fast charging network.”

Source: EVgo

  • Lance Pickup

    Good for them. I know they take a lot of heat for being fairly expensive (which to me is understandable because of demand charges, equipment & maintenance costs, and low throughput in the EV charging business model), but if they can provide renewable electricity as part of their value add, then it is definitely worth it (at least in my book).

  • earl colby pottinger

    Oh dear, the poor petrol heads who want to claim electric cars still are burning coal in the end have a big problem in the future.