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EVgo confirms plan to begin NACS deployments in 2024

US public fast charging network EVgo plans to start deploying North American Charging Standard (NACS) connectors—in the process of being standardized as SAE J3400—on its network later this year. Charging stations included in the rollout will serve vehicles that use CCS and NACS connectors. Deployments will begin in markets with high NACS vehicle penetration, enabling… Read more »

EVgo builds public EV charging stations faster and cheaper using prefabrication

EV charging network operator EVgo has opened its first public EV charging station built using the company’s new prefabrication approach. Located at the Bay Colony Town Center in League City, Texas, this EVgo station is the first of several prefabricated stations slated to open this year. EVgo expects its prefabrication process to reduce station construction… Read more »

Evgo’s prefabricated EV charging stations save installation time, costs

Public charging operator EVgo has developed a prefabrication approach to new station installation that it says could halve the average station installation time and deliver substantial savings on station construction costs, while ensuring consistent, high-quality assembly in a controlled environment. The scalable design packages six or more DC fast charging stalls, along with power cabinets… Read more »

EVgo takes steps to promote better charger reliability, releases best practices guide

The bad news about public EV charging is everywhere you look—from trade publications like Charged to consumer mags and local newspapers. The good news is that charging operators are well aware of the reliability problems, and are taking steps to address them. In January, EVgo created a comprehensive maintenance program called EVgo ReNew, and has… Read more »

EVgo receives first shipment of Buy America 350 kW DC fast chargers from Delta Electronics

Public fast charging network EVgo has received the first shipment of 350 kW fast chargers from Delta Electronics that are manufactured according to Build America, Buy America Act (BABA) standards. Delivered from Delta Electronics’ recently opened factory in Plano, Texas, this first shipment marks a milestone in developing the domestic supply chain needed to unlock… Read more »

EVgo and Amazon launch EV charger navigation with Alexa

US charging network EVgo has announced that drivers with Alexa-enabled vehicles or accessories like Echo Auto can now use Alexa with EVgo’s PlugShare application to locate and navigate to nearby EV charging stations.   By means of a voice request, Alexa will provide a list of public charging stations nearby, along with real-time availability by plug… Read more »

EVgo adds Rivian to its Autocharge+ seamless charging system

One of many complaints about public charging is that some public chargers require EV drivers to go through a cumbersome process involving apps and logins before charging. Plug & Charge, based on the ISO 15118 standard, eliminates all that, handling authentication and billing automatically when a driver plugs in. (This is basically the same feature… Read more »

EVgo, in partnership with GM, opens its 1,000th charging stall

The 1,000th charging stall was opened in the Chicago suburb of Woodbridge recently as part of an ongoing collaboration between US charging network EVgo and General Motors (GM). The partnership began in 2020 and was expanded in 2021. Its goal is to install 3,250 fast-charging stalls in major metro markets. Installations to date, says EVgo,… Read more »

EVgo explains how good rate design encourages deployment of public charging

Regular Charged readers are familiar with demand charges—fees that utilities charge commercial customers when power draws exceed a certain level. These charges can be shockingly high, and they hit operators of DC fast charging stations very hard indeed. Lindsey Stegall, Manager of Market Development and Public Policy at charging operator EVgo, writes in a recent… Read more »

EVgo launches enhanced maintenance program, will upgrade its EV charging stations

By all accounts, the public EV charging experience is pretty dismal. Every day we read reports from drivers about poorly designed and/or maintained charging sites with chargers that seem to work about half the time, at best. So it’s encouraging to see that EVgo, one of the US’s largest charging networks, is taking steps to… Read more »