EVgo builds public EV charging stations faster and cheaper using prefabrication

EV charging network operator EVgo has opened its first public EV charging station built using the company’s new prefabrication approach. Located at the Bay Colony Town Center in League City, Texas, this EVgo station is the first of several prefabricated stations slated to open this year.

EVgo expects its prefabrication process to reduce station construction costs by an average of 15% at suitable sites, and to reduce installation timelines by as much as 50%.

All EVgo’s prefabricated stations are expected to include 350 kW DC fast chargers. The prefabrication model can also incorporate features that enhance the customer experience, including WiFi connectivity, lighting and security cameras and integrated canopies. Outside of Texas, EVgo plans to open prefabricated stations in Florida, Nebraska, North Carolina and California in 2024.

“The opening of our first prefabricated site is a testament to the innovation driving cost reductions and accelerating deployment timelines to scale our growth engine,” said Dennis Kish, President of EVgo. “As demand for public fast charging infrastructure continues to grow, we anticipate leveraging this model at eligible sites to quickly deploy charging stations across the US.”

Source: EVgo


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