EVgo and Maven Gig announce dedicated fast charging network for on-demand drivers

GM hopes to remain relevant in the new car-sharing gig economy – its Maven Gig service allows drivers for ride sharing and delivery services to lease GM vehicles, including Chevy Bolt EVs.

Now Maven has announced an agreement with fast charging network operator EVgo to construct a dedicated DC fast charging network for Maven Gig Bolt drivers. The two companies are currently operating pilot programs in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Boston, Washington DC, Baltimore and Austin. EVgo’s new dedicated network for Maven will expand to “hundreds of charging stations in Maven markets across the country.”

“EVgo is committed to working with fleet EV owners and operators to make charging quick and easy,” said Cathy Zoi, EVgo CEO.  “Maven Gig Bolt drivers will have access to a dedicated EVgo fast charging network so they can fully charge in the time it takes to eat lunch.”


Source: EVgo

  • BruceW2014

    So what about the rest of us who own/lease vehicles. There are only FIVE EVSE in the entire city, ONE of which is available 24/7. The others are inaccessible after 5pm and 10pm. There will be demand for equanimity.

    You are not serving anyone by limiting access to the general public.

    • Dandanthedrivingman

      Stop bragging, my city, st louis, Missouri has only 1 fast charging station for OVER 300,000 people.

      • BruceW2014


  • rgeniec

    Put one in Blythe and Lonepine. Stop this nonsense.