EVBox’s next-gen commercial EV charger arrives in North America

Charger manufacturer EVBox’s latest Level 2 commercial charging station has received UL certification, and is now available across North America. The new EVBox Iqon is designed for workplaces, parking facilities and public locations such as shopping centers and hotels.

All EVBox chargers feature Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) interoperability, which enables users to choose the right hardware and software combination for their needs, and to change their EV charging setup at any time without having to replace their hardware. Iqon is integrated with many charging management software providers, and can be configured with any other similarly OCPP-compliant charging network.

Features include:

  • Durable, sleek design with a stainless-steel housing
  • LED light guides—colored rings display the status of each charging session
  • An auto-locking cable management system that uses counterweights to make cables lighter and easier to pull, while ensuring they never drag on the ground
  • Wheelchair Accessibility—Iqon is ADA-compliant, and keeps all of its access points (charging cables, touch screen) easy to reach from any height
  • WiFi and 4G/LTE capabilities—cloud connection enables remote station monitoring, rate adjustment, user access control and wireless updates

Iqon can be configured in Hub-Satellite clusters of up to 20 ports (10 stations) that act as a single entity, allowing the stations to communicate and ensure the most efficient use of available energy. A dedicated kWh meter enables each Iqon to track energy usage and schedule reductions in output with precision.

EVBox Iqon meets or exceeds the UL testing facility’s rigorous safety and reliability requirements.

“By creating Iqon for the North American market, we are expanding our AC charging options and directly responding to the rapidly growing EV charging needs in public spaces across the US and Canada,” said EVBox VP Mark Henderson. “We are here to help meet the growing demand for reliable EV charging at work, retail, and hospitality locations with a flexible and adaptable option.”

Source: EVBox

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