EV Connect wins contract for 100 charging stations in New York State

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The New York Power Authority (NYPA) has awarded EV Connect a four-year, $1,568,000 contract to install and manage more than 100 EV charging stations in 37 locations throughout New York State.

EV Connect’s open charging network will provide payment processing, real-time monitoring, electricity usage data, demand response capabilities and tech support.

Locations include public parking areas at transportation hubs, as well as private commercial locations for employers to provide workplace EV charging.

The new EV charging stations are part of the Charge New York Initiative, introduced in 2013, which aims to establish a statewide network of up to 3,000 EV charging stations over the next several years.

“Since our EV charging station network utilizes open charge station management software instead of a proprietary and locked network, NYPA’s charging stations won’t run the risk of becoming unsupported over time,” said Jordan Ramer, EV Connect’s CEO. “NYPA has ensured that New York taxpayers are getting the best investment possible for their EV charging station infrastructure.”


Source: EV Connect

  • Michael Walsh

    I feeling truly amped up about this announcement!

  • Michael Walsh

    An electrifying open source proposition…

  • Michael Walsh

    When “current” EV owners start realizing the beauty of it all, they will realize, all impedance by public officials will ground out.

  • Michael Walsh

    I was so glad to get plugged in to this conversation, the arc of the rainbow is starting to oscillate!

  • Michael Walsh

    The EV Market is charging forward! The high voltage of SuperCharging as a common platform for all means the democratization of electron distribution. 🙂

  • Juan Marzan

    Must be cheap units. For that price. I doubt the best interest of the taxpayer is at hand.
    Time will tell.

  • Jay Donnaway

    Cheap units at over $15k apiece? A good L2 EVSE can be commercially installed for under $6k.