EV-Box installs 40,000th EV charging station


EV-Box, an international EVSE manufacturer that has offices in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Paris, London and New York, has installed its 40,000th charging point, at a hotel in The Netherlands.

The Hotel & Restaurant Central Park by Ron Blaauw, in Voorburg, strives to make all its operations as sustainable as possible. “Lending electric cars to our hotel guests and providing charging points to our visitors have been a logical step for us to take,” says Ron Blaauw, the culinary mind behind the establishment.

“In this day and age, all hotels and restaurants should offer charging stations for electric vehicles,” said Central Park owner Carsten Klint. “They are the future, and it’s an excellent service we can offer to our guests. I think we can expect the number of charging points to duplicate in the next few years.”



Source: EV-Box

  • W0QR

    Great for charging cell phones, but what about cars. How much voltage/current are we talking here?

    • http://evbox.com EV-Box

      Funny comment 🙂 We only charge cars from 1 phase – 16 AMPS until 3 phase – 32 AMPS (meaning between 3.7kW until 22kW). You can find more information at http://www.ev-box.com/products. Thanks for the comment!

  • Donald Zenga

    Great job EV-Box. Hope your company will hit the 100,000 mark soon.

    • http://evbox.com EV-Box

      Thank you Donald! We’ll do our best 🙂