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EU awards $4.5 million grant to UpScale Project to reduce EV development time using AI

UpScale, an EU project aimed at using AI for more efficient EV production, has received a €4 million ($4.5 million) grant from the European Commission to develop computer simulations to aid in the development of EVs.

UpScale (Upscaling Product development Simulation Capabilities exploiting Artificial intelligence for Electrified vehicles) consists of 11 companies and European entities representing the automobile, software, engineering, and research sectors.

Taking place over the next three and a half years, the project expects to reduce EV development time by 20 percent by applying AI to aerodynamic and crash simulations. Funding for UpScale is being offered through the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program.

AI has shown promise for increasing EV efficiency. In March, researchers at MIT, Stanford, and Toyota published a paper detailing how a machine-learning algorithm can accurately predict the life cycle of Li-ion batteries. And in February, the DOE announced plans to offer $30 million for new data science approaches, including AI and machine learning, to accelerate discoveries in energy-related chemistry and materials sciences.

Source: UpScale

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