Eguana and LG Chem partner on residential energy storage system

LG Chem Lithium Ion Cells

Tesla may have some competition in the residential storage market. Battery giant LG Chem has partnered with Eguana Technologies to develop a modular energy storage system called AC Battery.

AC Battery is targeted at homeowners who want to store electricity from solar panels for later use. However it could also be aggregated for small commercial and industrial users, and/or to provide utility grid management services such as voltage control, frequency regulation, demand response and load balancing.

The system uses LG Chem’s battery modules, and Eguana’s Bi-Direx inverter and power control system, which handles core power conversion functions and connectivity with the power grid. Basic capacity is 6.4 kWh.

AC Battery is expected to be shipping early this summer.

“Eguana Technologies is the market leading supplier for grid-tied storage inverters in Europe, with more than 4,000 units shipped within the last 18 months,” said LG Chem Senior VP Sunghoon Jang. “Their technology leadership and product platform is proven, with thousands of units deployed in the global market. This is why we chose Eguana as our system partner.”


Source: EguanaTechnologies via Green Car Congress
Image: LG Chem Power Inc


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