ClipperCreek’s new power-sharing charging stations

The latest addition to ClipperCreek’s diverse line of EV charging equipment is a system that allows two charging stations to share power from one branch circuit. Share2 is an option for the HCS-40 line of chargers that allows charging station owners to install two 32 A Level 2 charging stations on one 40 A circuit.

The stations offer full power if one vehicle is requesting a charge, and automatically split the power if a second vehicle requests a charge at the same time. When one vehicle completes charging, the other station reverts to full power for the second vehicle.

The American-made HCS-40 features an SAE-J1772 connector with optional padlock feature, integrated cable wrap, 25-foot charging cable and wall-mount connector holster. Options include ChargeGuard key-based access control and Ruggedizing for high-use or rough-weather locations. It comes with a three-year warranty.

A bundle of two stations enabled with the Share2 starts at $1,498.

“Electric vehicles are universally loved by our customers, who quickly discover they want a second plug-in vehicle,” said ClipperCreek President Jason France. “Oftentimes their service panel cannot support the power requirement for an additional vehicle. Share2 eliminates this obstacle.”

“Share2 also provides excellent value for our commercial customers,” said ClipperCreek’s Director of Sales, Will Barrett. “Level 2 charging stations and the electricity costs are relatively low; however, electrical infrastructure upgrades can be substantial. Share2 enables a business to double the number of Charging Stations at their facility relatively inexpensively.”


Source: ClipperCreek


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