ClipperCreek’s new Level 2 charger makes it easy to plug in

Another objection to buying an EV just fell by the wayside, as ClipperCreek announced the availability of a compact Level 2 charger with a plug-in connection to the grid. The 20 Amp LCS-25P can be installed in minutes by simply attaching it to the wall and plugging it into a 240 V outlet.

The American-made charger costs $549, and comes with a three- year warranty. It has a 25- foot charging cable, so plugging in is hassle-free.

“We are excited about this new product introduction,” said ClipperCreek President Dave Packard. “This product will streamline the home installation process and greatly reduce total installation cost in some cases, especially where there is a pre-existing 240 V outlet available.”


Source: ClipperCreek


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