ClipperCreek launches HCS-30 24-amp Level 2 charging station

Clippercreek HCS-30-V2

ClipperCreek’s line of EV chargers includes a wide range of power levels for different applications. The new HCS-30 is a 24-amp Level 2 charging station that can fully recharge most EVs in about 4 hours.

“EV owners want faster charging, but don’t necessarily want to upgrade their electrical service panel. This 24-amp model allows more people to use their existing infrastructure, making the installation much more affordable,” said Jason France, President and Founder of ClipperCreek. “Level 2 charging at home does not have to be a luxury.”

“The HCS-30 provides the maximum charging power available through a standard 30 amp circuit. With 24 amps available to the vehicle, the HCS-30 can deliver approximately 20 miles of range per hour of charge,” said ClipperCreek Sales Manager Will Barrett.

ClipperCreek expects to sell the majority of these chargers to residential customers, but the HCS-30 is suitable for workplace and commercial charging as well. “We have a rugged pedestal mount available for all HCS models, which makes it perfect for the parking lot,” said Will Barrett. “There are many companies who want to offer Level 2 charging for their employees or customers, but don’t want to make a large infrastructure and hardware investment. The HCS-30 is an excellent solution.”

The US-made HCS-30 features 25 feet of charging cable with integrated cable wrap, a wall-mount connector holster, a NEMA 4 rated enclosure for installation indoors or outdoors, and a 3-year warranty. It’s available now, and is priced at $565.


Source: ClipperCreek

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