Clenergy EV adds more CPOs to its European e-roaming network, enables touch-free payments

EV charging software provider Clenergy EV has announced multiple new strategic partnerships that will give its customers access to a wider range of public chargers, as well as the option of paying with contactless cards.

The new e-roaming partners include Shell Recharge, Total, Ionity, Osprey, ChargePoint, EVBox and Powerdot, among others. Clenergy customers can now take advantage of 250,000 charge points across 42 countries in Europe using the Clenergy EV app, their bank card, Apple or Google Pay, or a pre-loaded Clenergy card.

Further partnerships with Payter and Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) will allow users to make contactless payments using a touchscreen, which can show the full transaction details and instantly provide a receipt.

“The integration of CPI’s contactless payment systems in Clenergy EV’s flexible charging platform is a game-changer,” said CPI VP Doug Haddon.” It’s not just about providing an essential service—it’s about enhancing the user experience, fostering confidence in EV infrastructure, and expanding consumers’ payment choices.”

Users of the residential Clenergy EV app will also be able to add smart charging capabilities to their home chargers, allowing them to schedule charges to benefit from cheaper time-of-use tariffs, and to set variable tariffs if they choose to rent out their vehicles.

“A seamless public EV charging experience is vital for any driver making the switch to electric,” said Will David, CEO at Clenergy EV. “Any organization rolling out public EV infrastructure, or transitioning a fleet to electric, will want to ensure that its EV software partner is actively facilitating e-roaming and contactless payment.”

Source: Clenergy EV

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