Circontrol adds 150 and 350 kW models to its Raption line of DC fast chargers

Spanish EVSE manufacturer Circontrol has added two new models to its Raption line of DC fast chargers: the Raption 150 Compact and the Raption 350 join the company’s popular Raption 100.

The two new chargers are intended for different types of sites. The Raption 350 is a high-power system requiring an electrical cabinet or a nearby medium-voltage transformer station, and is designed for EV charging stations and service roads. The Raption 150 Compact is designed to be installed roadside, or at shopping malls and other sites wishing to offer fast charging in a small space.

All Raption models feature a modular design. This allows modules to be shut down when vehicles require less power or to continue functioning if other modules fail. Charging power can be adjusted to suit the needs of each user, and can be scaled if required.

Both new models offer the option for two cars to charge simultaneously. The Raption 150 Compact can split its power to charge two vehicles at 75 kW, and the Raption 350 can offer up to 175 kW to each car.

“These systems will help develop a high-power EV charging infrastructure network, which will streamline the ultimate rollout of EVs in our country [Spain],” said Circontrol Managing Director Joan Hinojo. “There will no longer be any question about EVs being able to travel long distances. The slow chargers we may have at home or at places where we spend the majority of our time are necessary, and good for batteries, but there is no denying that the [high-power] systems on the country’s main roadways are essential.”

Source: Circontrol

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