Chinese ridesharing colossus Didi Chuxing to build charging network

Didi Chuxing may not be familiar to most Americans, but the gargantuan Chinese mobility provider claims to be the world’s largest online transportation platform. It has over 450 million users and 21 million drivers in 400 cities across China. Now the company has announced plans to build its own EV charging network.

“We have started new joint venture projects to build our own EV charging systems,” said founder and CEO Cheng Wei at a recent UN sustainable energy summit. “DiDi’s charging networks will not only cover our own fleet. It will also serve families and the public.”

DiDi’s network already includes 260,000 EVs, and Cheng said that number will rise to a million by 2020. “The future of transport is new energy vehicles, and ridesharing will be a key link in promoting new energy on the road.”


Source: Didi Chuxing

  • Vincent Wolf

    Meanwhile back in America Trump envisions a future where everyone drives a fossil fuel car negating any environmental improvement in China.

    • Coley

      No Vincent he doesn’t, Trump isn’t capable of “envisaging” anything other than increasing his personal wealth and possibly increasing the amount of faux adulation he receives from others who see him as a ‘tool’ to be used.