CharIN North America issues call for partners to establish EV charger testing sites

The Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN) is a global alliance of EV and EVSE providers, including 60 members headquartered in the US. It promotes universal charging standards such as CCS, MCS and ISO 15118. For the past seven years, the organization has hosted bi-annual testing events, including the recent Vehicle Interoperability Testing Symposium (VOLTS) in Long Beach, California.

Now CharIN is proposing to establish between two and four permanent interoperability testing sites in the US.  These testing facilities, which CharIN hopes to establish within the next two years, would provide the latest and greatest in EVSE hardware and software for any EV manufacturer to use for testing purposes at any time. The sites would also continue to host CharIN Testivals.

CharIN is soliciting partners to support the development of these sites. Partners might offer:

  • Free or reduced-price facility space and/or utilities for a minimum of five years
  • Free or reduced-price EVSE equipment for testing, test harnesses, electrical components (e.g. switchgear, disconnect switch, cabling, etc.)
  • Free or reduced-price testing software
  • Access to technical staff for maintaining and operating equipment
  • Advisory support services
  • Grant development support or cash cost-share

In exchange, partners may receive:

  • Invitation to participate in an advisory group for the development of CharIN testing facilities
  • Reduced-price access to one or more testing facilities
  • Special recognition (including formal sponsorship) at testing events

All interested parties should complete a CharIN Testing Facility Partner Interest Form no later than June 15.

Source: CharIN


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