ChargeScan by BV offers an end-to-end solution for charging operators

Bureau Veritas, a specialist in testing, inspection and certification, has introduced a portfolio of services covering the full EVSE lifecycle, from the design, construction and commissioning of charging stations to charging network operation.

The new ChargeScan by BV service offers clients real-time information verified by Bureau Veritas inspectors, allowing them to ensure that their charging stations are always available and fully functional for end customers. This information can be embedded into the client’s existing digital platform, or delivered by a customized digital hub developed by Bureau Veritas.

“ChargeScan by BV brings trust and transparency to our clients, giving them full visibility of their [EVSE] network during both construction and operations,” said Renato Catrib, Senior VP Global Service Lines. “We enable them to take immediate action, based on reliable information from Bureau Veritas experts.”

ChargeScan by BV assists with project management for charging stations under construction, including:

  • Consulting services for preliminary studies
  • Technical support and document management for design and permitting phases
  • Management assistance for construction, permitting and commissioning
  • Training for product and installation

 The service also delivers inspection services for charging stations in operation, including:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Safety and security reviews
  • Network availability
  • Performance monitoring
  • Wireless connectivity testing

Source: Bureau Veritas


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