ChargePoint public chargers are more numerous than McDonald’s


One of the top reasons people cite for not buying an EV is a lack of charging stations. But as the number of public chargers explodes, that’s looking more and more like a lack of information.

In fact, there are a lot of public charging stations out there, especially in the more EV-savvy regions of the country. Just how many? Well, to give you some idea, ChargePoint, which is one of the largest charging networks, but far from the only one, recently pointed out that its 18,000 charging locations(as of July 2014) across the US and Canada outnumber Starbucks (14,958) and McDonald’s (13,890) locations.

“When people realize how many places there are to charge an EV, they’re more likely to consider one for their next vehicle,” said Pasquale Romano, ChargePoint CEO. “With the ability to charge at home, work and throughout your day while you shop, eat and play, owning an EV is easier than ever. Not only does ChargePoint alone have more locations than many popular retailers and restaurants, you might be surprised to find charging stations at many stores you often visit.”


Source: ChargePoint

  • Ronald McDonald

    most of these stations are not in strategic places like McDonalds so this is a weak argument. the current infrastructure were given to people who raised their hand and got one thanks to Federal $, a real business like McDonalds will only sell you a McDouble if you have the cash – and assumes you will “use” or eat the burger, and this is not really the case for ChargePoint’s business.

    • ned_plimpton

      Dear Ronald McDonald,

      How come every time I visit one of your lovely restaurants, my ketchup packets are stuck together with honey?!? Every single time for at last 30+ years, without exception, there is honey all over my freaking ketchup.

      I can’t be the only one who has noticed this? Stop keeping the ketchup next to the exploding honey!

      Thank you.

  • Michel Bayings

    Sounds nice that you can charge at many places, but as long as you can only charge if you have the right cards with you it is still not a good interoperable where you can charge at different stations with a single subscription card. If all charge point vendors and manufacturers would join who is managing the Open Charge Point Protocol then at least customers can setup a huge network using the best systems in the best places. It would also support interoperability to charge where ever you want with just a single card.

    It is not just the number of charge stations, it is the usability (=interoperability) that is important.