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Case’s electric backhoe has performance equivalent to a diesel at 10% of the operating cost

Yellow-machine builder Case has unveiled a new all-electric backhoe, which it claims performs as well as a diesel while saving up to 90% in operating costs.

“The CASE 580 EV (electric vehicle) delivers backhoe power and performance equivalent to its diesel counterpart while also providing instant torque, lower jobsite noise, lower daily and lifetime operating costs, reduced maintenance demands and absolutely zero emissions,” says Case.

The 580 EV features a 90 kWh battery pack. According to Case, battery capacity is sufficient for “a typical 8-hour work day,” and the machine saves “as much as 90 percent in annual vehicle, fuel and maintenance costs.”

The battery separately powers the drivetrain and hydraulic motors, resulting in improved performance during simultaneous loader and drivetrain operation.

Case has not announced a price, but says it has it has already sold units to several US electric utilities.

“The backhoe loader is perfectly suited for electrification, as the varied use cycles, from heavy to light work, provide an excellent opportunity to convert wasted diesel engine hours into zero-consumption battery time—yet provide the operator with instantaneous torque response when needed,” said Eric Zieser, Director of Case’s Global Compact Equipment product line. “At low idle, a diesel engine has reduced torque and requires time for the engine to ramp up to meet the load demands. Electric motors, on the other hand, have instantaneous torque and peak torque available at every operating speed.”

Source: CASE via Electrek


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