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Canada bans shipments of lithium metal batteries on passenger flights

Li-ion Batteries

The Canadian Transport Ministry has officially banned the transport of lithium metal batteries as cargo on passenger flights, bringing its regulations into line with a ban adopted by the International Civil Aviation Organization in 2014 (the US has already instituted a ban).

Lithium Metal Label

The new rule does not apply to lithium-ion batteries, or to lithium metal batteries contained in devices. The International Air Transport Association estimates that over a billion lithium batteries are transported by air each year, and has published a guide for their safe handling.

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“These updates are welcomed by stakeholders because they promote harmonization and the proper identification of dangerous goods,” said Minister of Transport Lisa Raitt. “They will help improve public safety and reduce the risk of accidents while streamlining and clarifying regulatory requirements for shippers and carriers.”


Source: Government of Canada via Green Car Congress

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