California ARB approves first phase of VW infrastructure investment

VW e-golf

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has approved the first of four phases of VW’s infrastructure plan. The German giant will invest $800 million in charging and other EV-promoting initiatives, as penance for its dirty diesel dealings.

The funds will be invested by VW subsidiary Electrify America, in four installments of $200 million each over the next 10 years.

The first 200 big ones will be used to build a basic charging network in California, launch a public education campaign, and begin the first Green City project. Electrify America has chosen Sacramento as the first of two Green Cities, in which it will provide a set of ZEV initiatives including charging stations, access to ZEVs for car sharing, and other “ride and drive” opportunities.

The first phase of the Investment Plan will also include infrastructure rollouts in six metropolitan areas: Fresno, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego, and Sacramento. The plan includes community charging networks in each of these cities, as well as a statewide high-speed charging network.

Electrify America estimates that more than 35% of its investments will benefit disadvantaged communities, and areas in which chargers do not yet exist.

CARB will oversee implementation of the plan. Electrify America will file regular detailed reports with CARB, which will approve or disapprove each proposal at a public meeting.

“We are pleased that Volkswagen can now move forward with its ambitious plan to help bring electric vehicle technology to corners of California ignored in earlier efforts,” said CARB Chair Mary D. Nichols. “This will help the state as a whole, and especially some of our disadvantaged and underserved communities, to shift to the cleanest vehicles on the market to help clean the air and fight climate change.”


Source: CARB via Green Car Congress

  • Vincent Wolf

    I don’t like to see propietary charging stations. One standard for them all! Enough of the nonsense! Too many darn systems in place already (CCS, Chadmoe, Tesla, etc).

    • Mark Wright

      “The agreement does include several provisions to safeguard the interests of the public. It requires that the infrastructure that gets built accommodate all current open standards, so the VW Group can’t give its own vehicles an advantage by offering only CCS fast charging.” I’m happy if it supports J1772.

      • Ramon A. Cardona

        I believe the focus of this effort is fast charging for distance travel. So far only Tesla has had that goal. Too many cities have clusters of fast chargers that serve the local area.

    • Ramon A. Cardona

      Only two. Cannot be that much of an issue. Like Regular or Premium gasoline choices. Tesla offers adaptors so owners can charge everywhere. Sorry but I do not see a problem. Thanks

  • bytrain

    “Electrify America will file regular detailed reports with CARB, which will approve or disapprove each proposal at a public meeting.”

    To be clear, CARB will approve or disapprove each 30-month ZEV Investment Plan. As stated, they already approved the first plan (on July 27). They do not approve/disapprove the regular reports.