BMW Smart Charging App lets drivers automatically schedule cheapest charging times

BMW has launched a new Smart Charging App, which allows drivers to automatically identify the best rates and times for charging their EVs at home. The new app is integrated with the existing BMW i Remote App, and is available for Android and iOS devices.        

Through a connection to a national energy rate database hosted by the software company Genability, BMW owners will be able to automate their charging strategy in advance for daily and weekly use. They can also check energy rates and determine the optimal times to charge their vehicles.

“By automating the at-home charging planning process with the BMW Smart Charging App, we are offering BMW i customers greater convenience and helping them conserve energy while maximizing their cost savings,” said BMW’s Jose Guerrero.

For now, the BMW Smart Charging App is only available to BMW Electronauts –  those lucky souls who have leased a BMW ActiveE. BMW plans to make it available to all US i3 and i8 buyers in 2015.        


Source: BMW


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