Blink charging stations earn Energy Star certification

Miami Beach-based Blink Charging (NASDAQ: BLNK) has earned Energy Star certification for its 80-amp network-connected charging stations. Business owners deploying these chargers will be eligible for Energy Star-related government grants and tax incentives.

The Energy Star certification, which so far only a handful of the hundreds of charging stations on the market have earned, is awarded by the EPA following independent testing in an EPA-recognized laboratory. Energy Star-certified chargers use 40% less energy in standby mode, on average, than non-certified models.

“Bringing to market decreased EV charging time utilizing energy-efficient and sustainable hardware is what we have envisioned for a long time,” said Blink’s founder and Executive Chairman Michael D. Farkas. “Our team works relentlessly to deploy state of the art EV charging technology to properties and cities worldwide, and we are proud to be among the first to earn Energy Star certification with our 80 A network-connected chargers.”


Source: Blink Charging

  • Jim Stack

    Give me a break. Their screens all get worn and cloudy and are impossible to read.

  • Brian_Henderson

    Not seeing any 80A Level2 Products listed on Blinks Product website? … All listed Level2 products have specs of 30A charging, based on 40A circuit.

  • Kerry Carter

    Blink has more chargers offline than on in the Middle and East Tennessee region. Screens are shot because of no UV protection designed into there eyesore looking chargers that apparently has not changed by the picture in the article. No sun shield yet to be able to see the screen during the day and protect the screen. Same lame cord holder that is never used. But yet the team works relentlessly on what? A tan? I bet there drinks come with a little umbrella the Hell with the chargers screen protection. But hey I guess they don’t have the money seeing how they based themselves in Miami Beach.