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BASF licenses CAM-7 Li-ion cathode materials from CAMX Power LLC

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Massachusetts-based battery technology developer CAMX Power has granted a license for its CAMX suite of CAM-7 cathode materials to chemical giant BASF.

CAM-7 is a patented cathode material that features high-nickel compounds. According to the company, it features a discharge capacity over 200 mAh/g, and retains more than 80% of capacity at -20° C. It is stabilized through a doping strategy and is engineered to resolve thermal stability concerns regarding high-nickel cathode materials.

“In BASF testing, the CAM-7 product platform has shown strong performance and is believed to have the potential to further increase energy density of lithium-ion batteries,” said Kenneth Lane, President of BASF’s Catalysts division. “CAMX has established a strong global IP position and we will be collaborating with CAMX’s experienced technical staff to develop advanced processing techniques to bring these products to the marketplace.”

“We believe that BASF is in an ideal position to rapidly scale up production to meet the upcoming spike in demand for high-energy cathodes, a critical lithium-ion battery component, accounting for as much as a third of the cost,” said Dr. Kenan Sahin, CEO of CAMX.

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Source: BASF via Green Car Congress


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