Autel US enters EV charging industry

Autel US, a subsidiary of Shenzhen, China-based Autel Intelligent Technology, is a developer and distributor of automotive diagnostic products.

Now Autel US has announced its entry into the EVSE industry with the release of its MaxiCharger Home and Commercial Level 2 AC chargers.

The MaxiCharger Home 40-amp charger is available in In-Body Holster and Separate Holster versions, with either a NEMA 6-50 or a NEMA 14-50 plug. The MaxiCharger Home 50-amp version is an in-Body Holster style designed for hard-wired installation.

The MaxiCharger Commercial charger offers 50 amps.

All MaxiCharger versions include a J1772 standard charging port, a 25-foot charging cable, LED charging status lights and WiFi capability. All are NEMA 3R-rated for indoor and outdoor use.

The residential Smartphone app enables scheduled charging, as well as charging analysis to ensure drivers are charging at the best rates. A multi-layered Commercial charger management portal provides a turnkey solution for workplaces, commercial spaces and fleet managers,.

“As Autel transitions to the exciting new reality of greener technologies, we are eager to use our nearly 20 years of experience in developing technologies that have dramatically changed the way technicians repair vehicles as a foundation for researching and developing new energy solutions,” said Chloe Hung, Autel CEO.

Source: Autel


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