Andromeda Power introduces portable DC fast charger

Here’s a handy piece of equipment – a portable DC Level 3 charger that can deliver a jump start for an EV.

ORCA Inceptive is aimed at EV fleet operators, roadside assistance companies, service stations or anyone who needs a temporary fast charging station (e.g. for events). It was designed in Italy, but is manufactured in the US.

The charger has two CHAdeMO plugs, and is capable of transferring energy between the batteries of two EVs. It can also be powered from 208 V, 400 V, 480 V, AC, DC, gas or diesel generators, or the electric grid.

ORCA Inceptive delivers up to 50 kW of output power. Its compact size (34” x 13” x 22”) allows it to be installed in the trunk of an EV such as a LEAF.

Production is expected to begin in November.


Source: Andromeda Power



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