ABB launches 150-350 kW DC fast charger

Electronics giant ABB’s new Terra HP High Power Charge system is designed for use at highway rest stops and gas stations. Terra HP’s ultra-high current has the capacity to charge both 400 V and 800 V cars at full power.

The 375 A single power cabinet can charge a 400 V car at 150 kW continuously. Dynamic DC power sharing allows a two-power cabinet charging system to charge a pair of EVs simultaneously, at up to 350 kW and 500 A, while dynamically optimizing the available grid connection. Additional power cabinets and charge posts can be added after installation.

Terra HP features individually cooled charging cables and redundant power and communication connections. ABB Ability Connected Services facilitates the connection of chargers to back offices, payment platforms and smart grid systems, and provides remote diagnostics and over-the-air software updates.


Source: ABB