ABB and Greenlots partner with Kia to deploy DC fast chargers for Soul EV Rollout

San Francisco-based Greenlots will partner with Kia Motors and ABB to install DC fast chargers at selected Kia dealerships for the 2015 Kia Soul EV, which is scheduled to go on sale this fall in California, Oregon, New York, New Jersey and Maryland.

Kia will roll out Greenlots’ SKY Smart Charging platform to its dealerships in California, and the chargers will be ABB’s Terra 53 50kW models that accommodate Kia’s CHAdeMO fast charging inlet, allowing Soul EV owners to charge their vehicles from empty to 80 percent in 30 minutes. Soul drivers can find charging locations via Kia’s UVO EVServices app or the 8-inch touch screen inside the vehicle, and pay for charging with the Kia ChargeUp card.

Greenlots’ network management solution is based on the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), an open standard for charger-to-network communications. Automakers like Kia can determine their own pricing models, while allowing drivers to roam across a variety of networks through EZ-Charge. Greenlots also recently announced a partnership with BMW to develop a home and public charging network in Singapore.


“Kia is confident that our partnership with Greenlots is connecting our customers to a seamless and reliable network,” said Steve Kosowski, Kia’s Manager of Long-range Planning and Strategy. “Soul EV owners will have their charging needs met not only through the growing number of DC fast chargers within the EZ-Charge networks, but also the capabilities that Greenlots is providing to our Soul EV dealers, allowing for convenience and range confidence in their charging needs.”

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“Because SKY is open standards-based, Greenlots offers its automotive partners the ability to protect infrastructure in the face of future changes with a more sustainable solution” said Brett Hauser, CEO of Greenlots. “We’re honored to support Kia in offering Soul EV drivers a fun, hassle-free charging experience.”


Source: Kia, Greenlots

  • cw

    I thought the SAE combo charger was the new standard? Only Leaf used the Chadmeo?? This different quick-charger types thing is not helping the EV movement!

    • Mr Icabod

      I thought beta was the new standard? Only Panasonic used VHS?? This different vcr type thing is not helping the home recorder movement!’

      Mr Icabod

      • cw

        haha! nice. But still, there eventually was only ONE standard. Dude.

        • vike

          I think you’ve missed the point – SAE/CCS is beta. At this point, the lion’s share of plug-ins are LEAFs and Teslas – either can use CHAdeMO, neither support SAE/CCS. On the other side we have BMW i3s and Chevy Spark EVs selling in much lower numbers, and neither include their DC fast charging as standard equipment, so the numbers are lower still. Most other EVs are including NO DC fast charging, so aren’t even playing. Should Kia break out of compliance mode and/or Mitsubishi ramp up enough battery capacity to support sales of their uber-affordable i-MiEV (which puts CHAdeMO in every unit as standard equipment), CHAdeMO will flood the market even worse. There is no “new standard” – at least not yet.

          • cw

            All good points. I don’t care which one ends up being the “standard” plug for DC charging, I would just like to see a simple, straight-forward fast charging process for EV buyers to understand and use. It helps new buyers to come over to the “EV side” when they see it is easy to understand and they feel comfortable. Like with the 240V charger, they are ALL the same plug, as they should be. To me, the SAE combo seems like a better design, but I’m sure chadmeo work fine too.

          • knuterikb

            Any way, the lion’s share of the investment for DC charging station are the infrastructure. In Norway we now see a wave of upgrades to old CHAdeMO charging networks.

            You can get state incentives to cover some of your cost if you install a Multi-standard charging station, meaning CHAdeMO DC, Combo DC, and 22+ kWh AC (Type 2)

    • knuterikb

      CHAdeMO is in addition to Nissan also used by Mitsubishi, Peugeot, Citroën and Kia.

  • dchris

    >99% of all DC chargers in the US – and in the world – are CHAdeMO. >89 percent of all EVs with a DC plug use CHAdeMO. Does this make it a standard? I’d say yes.

    • cw

      Chevy, Ford, BMW, Mercedes, VW use the SAE combo charger.