ABB adds credit card option to its DC fast charger

ABB Fast Charger credit card reader

Electronics giant ABB has announced a credit card payment option that can be added to new or existing Terra 53 DC fast charging stations. In addition to RFID-enabled membership cards and PIN code authorization methods, drivers can now simply use a major credit card to pay for charging when roaming outside their local region.

The credit card reader terminal hardware is designed to be easily mounted and secured on the Terra 53. Contactless payment options and smart phone platforms such as Apple Pay and Android Pay are also supported. ABB’s web modules offer owner/operators real-time info on charger activity, payments and remote management.

ABB Fast Charger credit card reader

“Membership-based payment systems have distinct advantages for local EV drivers,” said ABB’s Andy Bartosh. “However, as vehicle batteries get bigger, and charging options grow, more drivers will be roaming into different geographies. A credit card or smartphone payment system offers peace of mind that drivers can use a charging station when they need it, regardless of who is managing the network.”

“There are some parallels for EV charging and the early mobile phone industry,” noted Bartosh. “Privacy, coverage and security issues were very frustrating for users who traveled outside of their home region. Developing better roaming solutions helped spur growth of mobile device use.”

“The global demand for the most basic, common payment method continues to grow,” added ABB’s Joost Van Abeelen. “ABB has dozens of charging stations with credit card payment terminals around the world that are heavily used.”


Source: ABB

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