A petrol-free Scotland by 2050?


When today’s wee bairns have grawn, petrol-powered cars could belong to auld lang syne, a development which would be mickle braw, to say the least.

And now, with the obligatory linguistic cuteness out of the way, the news: The Scottish government has published a plan that “sets out a bold vision to replace petrol and diesel vehicles with electric vehicles by 2050,” according to Transport Minister Keith Brown.

Switched On Scotland: A Roadmap to Widespread Adoption of Plug-in Vehicles details a wide range of programs that the Scots plan to implement, funded by a commitment of £14 million over the next two years.

Scottish EV drivers already pay no road tax, and are eligible for 100% grants for home charging stations, as well as purchase incentives and other perks. The Government plans to install charge points at all its major buildings, replace legacy vehicles in its fleet with EVs where appropriate, support the deployment of electric buses, and deploy DC fast chargers at 50-mile intervals along the country’s major highways.

There’s much more in the plan, from large goals such as promoting renewable energy and smart grid technology to small goodies like free parking, access to bus lanes and discounted ferry rides. There’s even a web site that allows prospective EV buyers to contact current owners and ask how they’re getting on.

“There are several benefits to driving an electric car both for the environment, your finances and your wellbeing,” said Adrian Loening, chair of the Electric Vehicle Association Scotland. “These include fewer harmful emissions, lower running costs and reduced road noise compared to the average family car. Hundreds of charge points are being installed all over Scotland and there are a number of grants and incentives to introduce people to driving electric vehicles. There’s never been a better time for individuals or business in Scotland to own an electric vehicle.”

Image: Nicolas Raymond (flickr)
Source: AutoBlog Green, Sustainable Review

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