Easelink successfully tests conductive charger prototype

EV charging technology company Easelink has announced a successful test of its Matrix Charging technology, an automatic conductive EV charging system. Easelink has been testing the technology since September 2018 at the employee parking lot of Energie Steiermark, an Austrian energy supply company.

Matrix Charging consists of a stationary conductive charging pad installed in a parking space. When an EV equipped with a Matrix Charging connector parks and aligns with the pad, the connector protracts from the EV to make contact with the pad and begins charging automatically. The system can charge at 22 kW with a 99 percent transfer efficiency. According to Easelink, the connector can easily be retrofitted onto existing EVs.

Easelink recently joined the Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN), an industry-wide initiative seeking the global standardization of charging interfaces.

“Successful standardization requires a technology that can equally satisfy the requirements on charging in the garage, at the workplace and in public outdoor areas,” said Easelink CEO Hermann Stockinger.



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