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WAFIOS introduces SpeedFormer bending process for hairpin prototyping and production

WAFIOS has introduced the SpeedFormer, a new approach to the production of hairpins for EV motors.

SpeedFormer combines three bending techniques from conventional wire and tube bending machines into one system. One of the bending techniques has been used for decades in WAFIOS CNC spring and wire forming machines and has now been modified and optimized for the bending of hairpins. This technique is used for simple hairpin bends and is designed to ensure the highest production speeds.

A second, patented bending technique is based on the rotary-draw bending method used in tube bending machines. It is used for making complicated bends with overlapping geometry elements as they occur at the head of hairpins (S shapes). This new technique actively clamps the material during the bending process to facilitate bending accuracy even when processing inconstant materials.

In the twisting process—the third of the three bending techniques—the feed unit is rotated in such a way that a defined twist of the hairpin legs can be produced. This is designed for hairpins used in the stator. 

WAFIOS says SpeedFormer reduces series production cycle times from 6-10 seconds per hairpin to 1-1.5 seconds per hairpin. Identical production technologies, i.e. the same tools and bending techniques, are used in series production. Parts that have been approved on the prototype production line can be produced with the same kinematics on the series production line. 

Source: WAFIOS


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