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Xtalic develops new nanostructured alloys for EV applications

Nanostructure specialist Xtalic has created new nanostructured metal alloys and coatings for EV applications, including: • Extending the life of charging connectors • Producing stable components for high-temperature environments • Lightweighting • Improving corrosion resistance Equipped with Xtalic’s nanostructured allows, XTRONIC and LUNA, charging connectors achieve more than 10,000 charge cycles in real-world conditions, according… Read more »

Xtalic materials extend charger connector life

Nanotech specialist Xtalic Corporation has created alloys and coatings that increase battery connector lifespans from 250 charge cycles to 10,000 at temperatures of 150° C and above. In order to do this, the company places certain elements in its primary material’s grain boundaries to create alloys with higher stabilities at various temperatures and accurately controlled… Read more »