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US fuel efficiency standards save consumers billions, especially low-income households

The Trump Administration has just held a hearing to solicit public comments on its effort to weaken the EPA’s fuel efficiency standards. The EPA has reopened the previously-completed mid-term review of vehicle efficiency standards. While the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers supports re-opening the review, it has suggested that it would prefer to keep existing vehicle… Read more »

New survey: Over half of California drivers would consider buying an EV

Even in green California, plug-in vehicle sales still represent only 3 percent of the new vehicle market. However, with 20 models now available, and a new generation of vehicles in the pipeline, the potential for growth is huge. A new survey released by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) and Consumers Union offers encouraging news:… Read more »

New Union of Concerned Scientists report: EV life-cycle emissions are half that of an average gas car

Diehard fossil-fuel fans are fond of speculating that EVs may be no cleaner than legacy ICE vehicles, once the emissions resulting from power generation and manufacturing are taken into account. In fact, study after study, including reports from the Union of Concerned Scientists (2012), the University of Minnesota, and Carnegie Mellon University, has shown that,… Read more »