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Texas Instruments reference design adds Wi-Fi capability to charging stations

Texas Instruments (NASDAQ: TXN) has introduced a reference design that adds Wi-Fi connectivity to an EV charging station, enabling drivers to remotely monitor and control the charging of their vehicles. The new reference design uses TI’s SimpleLink Wi-Fi wireless microcontroller (MCU) technology, which allows designers to create stations that intelligently charge at non-peak times or… Read more »

Texas Instruments launches new motor drivers for performance powertrains

Texas Instruments (TI) has introduced two new automotive motor drivers that support high-performance powertrain applications. The DRV8305-Q1, an integrated three-phase brushless DC gate driver, and the UCC27211A-Q1, a high-current half-bridge gate driver, are designed to improve system performance and provide design flexibility for a range of automotive system requirements. For powertrain applications such as transmission… Read more »

VW electric van could use Porsche 800-volt fast-charging system

Between consumer desire for larger EVs with substantial cargo space and nostalgia for the classic VW bus, an electric van from Volkswagen could surely be a huge hit. But don’t pack up the surfboards and granola bars just yet – VW’s Budd-e concept, which attracted a lot of attention at CES, is a showpiece for… Read more »

Texas Instruments introduces integrated battery monitor and protector

Texas Instruments (NASDAQ: TXN) has introduced what it calls the industry’s first integrated battery monitor and protector. The enticingly-named bq76PL455A-Q1 provides cell-voltage monitoring for large batteries with up to 256 cells in a series. The bq76PL455A-Q1 is designed to reveal a pack’s state of charge and state of health by precisely measuring cell voltage, and… Read more »