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Telefonix makes the case for free Level 1 workplace charging

Everyone who watches the sketch comedy show Portlandia knows that the dream of the 90s is alive in Portland. Our dream of the 90s was vehicle electrification, and we hoped the GM EV-1 would kick-start the trend more than a decade before the Tesla Roadster actually did it. Well, the vehicle electrification dream is alive… Read more »

Portland Airport installs 42 Telefonix Level 1 EV charging stations

Airports around the world are installing EVSE, and at least one has decided that Level 1 charging is the most logical choice. Portland International Airport (PDX) has installed 42 Level 1 PowerPost EV charging stations, manufactured by Telefonix (profiled in the February 2014 issue of Charged). PDX chose the PowerPost because of its integrated, retractable… Read more »

Telefonix L2 PowerPost charging station uses low current for efficiency and lower cost

Telefonix, known for its rugged cord reels and its PowerPost Level 1 commercial charging stations (feature in Charged Issue 12), has entered the Level 2 EVSE market with UL approval of its L2 PowerPost EV charger. A low-current Level 2 charging station specifically designed for commercial outdoor use, the L2 PowerPost continues Telefonix’s focus on efficient,… Read more »

Telefonix bets on Level 1 commercial charging stations

While most of the discussion about commercial EVSE seems to revolve around peoples’ desire for ever-faster charging, Telefonix has taken the opposite approach, producing what is designed to be the first true commercial Level 1 charging station on the market. Like many another great idea, the inspiration for the L1 PowerPost came as a serendipitous… Read more »