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Plug In America joins with National Automobile Dealers Association to train dealers to sell EVs

Auto dealerships have long been considered a roadblock for EV adoption, as salespeople lack the necessary expertise to inform customers about how EVs work. Advocacy group Plug In America has been working hard to change this. Now the group has announced a partnership with the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) and the Center for Sustainable… Read more »

Consumer survey: drivers very satisfied with EVs, but not with dealership and public charging experiences

Plug In America has released the results of its second national survey of EV consumers. The 8,000 respondents included both current EV owners and consumers who are planning to purchase an EV. Most of the findings were about what one would expect. About 90% of respondents said they were “very likely” (77%) or “likely” (13%)… Read more »

Plug In America research: Tesla Roadster battery longevity exceeds projections

By Tom Saxton, Chief Science Officer, Plug In America Many current and prospective electric vehicle owners are curious to better understand battery pack longevity. There’s plenty of technical data on how batteries lose capacity with use, but a lot of that testing subjects the batteries to extreme and rapid charge/discharge cycles, very unlike the much gentler use… Read more »