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How to ensure EV traction motor magnets aren’t pushed beyond their operating limits

Avoiding motor demagnetization: John Wanjiku, Technical Specialist at Mentor Graphics, explains the goals of a detailed traction motor design analysis. Neodymium permanent magnets are used in EV traction motors because of their powerful magnetic fields and relatively strong resistance to demagnetization, but they tend to lose their magnetism when exposed to excessive operating temperatures, opposing… Read more »

Mentor Graphics launches new MicReD 600A Power Tester for IGBTs

Designers of electrified vehicles need to ensure that power electronics modules deliver high levels of reliability. To do this they need instruments that can detect potential degradation of IGBTs caused by a range of standard drive cycles, and identify the causes of damage. Mentor Graphics (NASDAQ: MENT) has announced a new tool for design engineers…. Read more »

Simulation of battery pack cooling systems: measure twice, cut once

The experts at Mentor Graphics walk us through the simulation and analysis of a battery pack cooling system. In the business of battery pack design, one of the main considerations is cooling. The pack must have a uniform and stable temperature for the batteries to perform adequately during worst-case conditions. Even within a single cell,… Read more »