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Silicon carbide is becoming the material of choice for EV power electronics

Silicon carbide is a hot topic in the power electronics field these days. As a recent article in the New York Times explains, SiC is a wide-bandgap (WBG) material that designers are increasingly choosing to make power electronics devices more efficient. WBG advantages The WBG classification has profound implications for device behavior and performance. This… Read more »

Leapers Semiconductor to introduce new SiC power module series

Leapers Semiconductor plans to introduce its HPD series SiC power modules for the traction inverters and motors of EVs at PCIM Europe in May of 2022. Leapers Semiconductor is a China-based company that develops and manufactures semiconductors and modules. It also has an R&D center located in Japan. The HPD series consists of 1,200 V,… Read more »