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Kandi and partners aim to link EVs with Big Data and the cloud

Kandi Technologies (NASDAQ: KNDI), a Chinese firm that manufactures EVs and offers them for short-term hire using automated multilevel garages, has formed a strategic partnership with several companies in the automotive and internet fields to promote connected EVs. The partners include Geely Automobile, which already operates a joint venture with Kandi, Internet giant Alibaba, which… Read more »

Kandi makes $89-million deal as Chinese auto market moves online

Kandi Technologies Group (NASDAQ: KNDI), a Chinese EV-maker and car-sharing operator, has announced a new sale that will not only significantly expand its volume, but also explore the potential of online EV sales. Kandi Electric Vehicles Group, a joint venture with automaker Geely, has signed a sales contract with Zhejiang Shi Kong Electric Vehicle for… Read more »

The Kandi store is open: Chinese automaker begins retail EV sales

Kandi Technologies Group (Nasdaq: KNDI), which operates a car-sharing service that dispenses EVs from automated multilevel garages (“Kandi Machines”) in 8 Chinese cities, has announced that it is starting retail sales of EVs. Kandi is selecting dealers in 26 Chinese provinces and will begin selling its latest EV models, Chairman Hu Xiaoming told Bloomberg. The… Read more »

Chinese government approves new Kandi luxury EV for incentives

Kandi Technologies (Nasdaq: KNDI) has announced that its new mid-tier luxury EV has been approved by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The new model, with the cumbersome name SMA7002BEV05, has been added to the list of recommended new energy vehicles, which means that buyers are now eligible for a wide range of national… Read more »

Investors see huge potential in Kandi’s Chinese electric car-sharing service

Kandi Technologies Group (Nasdaq:KNDI), which operates a Chinese EV car-sharing service, saw its stock soar over 18% this week after announcing that it has posted a profit, and plans to expand to cities including Beijing and Shanghai. The stock has gained more than 300% in the last year. Kandi, together with its joint venture partner,… Read more »