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I want my Infiniti EV! Is it on-again or off-again?

If, as most of the media is convinced, the world’s luxury automakers are all scrambling to deliver a competitor for Tesla’s Model S, then it would seem only logical for Nissan, builder of the world’s top-selling EV, to produce an upscale EV under its luxury brand, Infiniti. In fact, the gentlemen from Yokohama already thought… Read more »

Nissan says Infiniti LE delayed, not dead

Andy Palmer, Nissan’s head of global planning, said this week that the Infiniti LE has been delayed to give the company more time to develop the vehicle’s battery and charging technology. EV watchers have been eagerly anticipating the LE since the concept was unveiled at the 2012 New York Auto Show. In June, however, Infiniti’s… Read more »

What’s up with wireless EV charging

Wireless charging is one of the hottest topics in the EV world these days. Several companies have systems on the path to commercial availability. Evatran has plans to sell aftermarket systems that will work with popular plug-in models such as the LEAF and the Volt. Qualcomm is using its London trial as a test bed… Read more »