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Hitachi and Honda establish joint venture for EV motors

Hitachi Automotive Systems and Honda have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a joint venture, with a capitalization of around 5 billion yen ($45 million), to develop and manufacture EV motors. Hitachi first started selling motors for electrified vehicles in 1999, and has since delivered “a high volume” of these motors to vehicle manufacturers… Read more »

Honda EV parks and charges by itself

Honda is working on an EV that incorporates autonomous parking and wireless charging. The experimental vehicle, which is undergoing testing at a demonstration house outside Tokyo, can drive itself into a carport and position itself over a wireless charging pad. The human driver uses a smartphone to tell the car to park and initiate charging…. Read more »

Smart Home charges Honda Fit EV with DC power from solar panels

Honda’s new Smart Home US, located on the West Village campus of the University of California, Davis, is a showcase for technologies that enable zero net energy living and transportation, including Honda’s home energy management system (HEMS), a hardware and software system that monitors and optimizes electrical generation and consumption. The Smart Home is capable… Read more »

Waiting lists lengthen for Fit EV as Honda includes Leviton home charging station with lease

A better lease deal and more availability seem to have led to a surge in demand for the Fit EV, and dealers may not be able to keep up. The electric hatchback can now be leased for $259, with no limit on annual mileage, and it’s available at every Honda dealer in eight states (California,… Read more »

May plug-in sales: LEAF regains the lead, Volt and Model S battling for second

US plug-in sales set no new record in May, but the total of 7,554 units wasn’t too far behind the all-time monthly sales record of 8,559, set in December of 2012.

Monthly EV sales continue to grow

It’s that time again – September sales figures are in. Overall EV sales are up, and the standings remain the same.The Chevy Volt sold 2,851 units, a slight improvement over August’s all time record of 2,831, for a year-to-date total of 16,348. The Volt’s Hamtramck assembly line will remain idle until October 15th.  Toyota’s Prius… Read more »