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Ford tripling workplace charging network to 600 charging stations

Whatever you may think about Ford’s efforts to sell its plug-in vehicles, when it comes to workplace charging, the company is forging ahead. It currently has 200 charging stations at 50 facilities in the US and Canada, and it plans to triple that number to 600 in the next two years. Ford recently conducted a… Read more »

Will Ford’s new CEO put more emphasis on EVs and AVs?

Ford has replaced CEO Mark Fields with Jim Hackett, the head of the company’s Smart Mobility division. The company also appointed a new executive in charge of “strategy and business model development for electrified vehicles and autonomous vehicles.” The buzz in the media is that the new regime will put more emphasis on electric and… Read more »

Ford encourages common industry metrics to understand electric driving requirements

Based on its own analysis of anonymized driving data, Ford is encouraging the adoption of a standard way to analyze driving data for OEMs and regulatory agencies to understand real-world electric driving usage in comparison to regulatory test cycles. In a presentation at the recent SAE Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Technologies Symposium, (via Green Car Congress) Brett… Read more »

Ford may be working on a 200-mile EV after all

Are they or aren’t they? After months of refusing to comment on whether Ford is working on a 200-mile EV to challenge competitors GM, Tesla and Nissan, Kevin Layden, Ford’s Director of Electrification Programs and Engineering, seemed to dash our hopes when he said that the 2017 Focus Electric’s 100-mile range should be plenty for… Read more »

EV marketing efforts continue to miss the mark, determining the reasons why is complicated

Most of us in the EV industry are probably tired of the mainstream media’s constant stream of “EVs aren’t selling” articles, which began around the time the Volt made its debut, and will probably continue until the day the last ICE vehicle rolls off the line. Well, for the near future, it’s only going to… Read more »

Why is Ford suddenly advertising its Focus Electric after 3 years?

Many EVangelists believe that the plodding progress of plug-in sales has a lot to do with the automakers’ minimal marketing efforts. So it’s welcome news that Ford has launched a new ad campaign for its Focus Electric. It seems to be a substantial buy (although Ford declined to talk about budgets), with TV ads running… Read more »

Ford opens up its EV patents, puts 200 more engineers to work on electrification

Tesla isn’t the only company that can play the patent-opening game. Ford has announced that it will make its portfolio of over 650 electrification-related patents available to competing automakers. Unlike Tesla, which has implied that it will allow others to use technology “in good faith” free of charge (and Toyota, which plans to make some… Read more »

Ford recalls 2,600 Focus Electrics to patch potential power problem

Ford has announced a recall of about 2,600 Focus Electrics because a software flaw in the powertrain control module could result in a loss of power to the wheels. If this happens, Ford says a “Stop Safely Now” warning will appear on the dashboard, and braking and steering systems will continue to operate normally so… Read more »