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Farasis and Group14 say their silicon-carbon anode delivers 330 Wh/kg

Farasis Energy and Group14 Technologies have developed a new silicon-based anode for an EV-scale battery. In cells built and tested by Farasis using Group14’s silicon-carbon anode material SCC55, the company says it can reach a specific energy of 330 Wh/kg (750 Wh/L energy density) in typical automotive cells, and deliver more than 1,000 charge-discharge cycles…. Read more »

Mercedes announces partnership with battery cell manufacturer Farasis

Mercedes-Benz has launched a strategic partnership with the Chinese battery cell manufacturer Farasis Energy, and taken an equity stake in the company. Key elements of the agreement include the development and industrialization of advanced cell technologies as well as goals for cost competitiveness. The technological focus is on significant increases in range through advances in… Read more »

New Farasis lithium-ion pouch cell balances power and energy density

Farasis Energy has introduced a new lithium-ion battery cell that it says provides increased energy density, greater power, improved cooling technology and longer service life. The new 32 Ah pouch cell offers 10% more energy density and capacity compared to previous Farasis designs, and is capable of continuous discharge at a 4C rate with a… Read more »

DOE-supported research projects seek to commercialize silicon-based anodes

The DOE is supporting six applied battery research projects, with the objective of developing cells that provide energy density of more than 200 Wh/kg, along with long cycle life and excellent abuse tolerance. All six projects are using some form of silicon-based material for the anode. A team led by the Argonne National Laboratory is… Read more »